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1. Intellectual property

The content of the Website, such as, but not limited to, the works, visuals, photographs, dialogues, music, sounds,
videos, documents, drawings, logos and any other content regardless of the format published on the Website including
the menus, webpages, illustrations, colours, symbols, solutions, typefaces and design of the Website, diagrams, layout,
methods, processes, functions and software which form part of the Website are protected by copyright and all other
intellectual property rights of Revenga Chemisiers Genevois Sarl or third parties, where relevant, that have been
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and in any form whatsoever, the Website and its contents without express prior written agreement from Revenga Chemisiers Genevois.

You are only authorised to consult the Website and its contents while making use of the services available on the Website.
You are also authorised to carry out temporary reproductions of no financial importance as such, considered as transitory
or secondary and as being integrally and essentially part of the consultation of the website and content, and all browsing
operations carried out only with the purpose of using the Website in a legitimate manner. Under no circumstances are you
authorised to reproduce in any way whatsoever, in full or in part, the Website and its contents. Any reproduction must
always be authorised by Revenga Chemisiers Genevois Sarl, or when applicable by the authors of individual works contained
within the Website. These reproductions must in all circumstances be carried out for legal ends and in compliance with
copyright and other intellectual property rights of Revenga Chemisiers Genevois Sarl and the authors of works considered
individually and contained in the Website. The authors of individual works published on the Website have the right
to claim authorship, from time to time, and oppose any modification or alteration to their works, including any damage
to their works which may prejudice their honour or reputation. You declare you will comply with the copyright of artists
having chosen to publish their works on the Website. Furthermore, you are not authorised under any circumstances to use
in any way or form the contents of the Website and individual works protected by copyright and any other intellectual
property rights. You are not authorised to alter or modify the content and works protected by copyright without prior
agreement being issued by Revenga Chemisiers Genevois Sarl, and when applicable, by the authors concerned.

2. Brands and domain name

The exclusive owner of all brands and distinctive signs appearing on the Website, also intended to set
products apart, is the company Revenga Chemisiers Genevois Sarl, which has exclusive usage rights.
Any unauthorised usage or that does not comply with the law is strictly forbidden and may lead to legal proceedings.
Under no circumstances whatsoever are you authorised to use the said brands and distinctive signs appearing on the website
in order to obtain, whether directly or indirectly, an advantage stemming from the distinctive character or popularity of
the brands of the company Revenga Chemisiers Genevois Sarl in a way that may cause prejudice to the latter or its owners.

The domain name as well as any variant of the latter and any sub-domain name are the property of the
company Revenga Chemisiers Genevois Sarl. It is forbidden to use them, even in an indirect manner, without the express
prior agreement of their owners.

3. Links to internal and external addresses or to third parties

The Website may contain hyperlinks towards other websites that are not linked to the Website.
These websites are not controlled or monitored by the operator of the Website, who thus provides no guarantee as to
their content and the manner in which personal data is handled. You must thus carefully read the terms of use of third-party
websites you visit, as well as their confidentiality policy, as the terms of use and confidentiality policy herein only
apply to the Website.

Similarly, it will be possible to activate hyperlinks from third party websites that redirect the user towards the Website,
only if the operator of the Website has given their prior agreement. Agreement may only be obtained by contacting the Website
operator using the aforementioned address or email address. Any unauthorised activation of links gives the operator of
the Website the right to take any measures required to immediately deactivate the illegal links and report the illicit
professional practice, unfair competition or strategy that aims to undermine the reputation and popularity of the operator
of the Website, or its products and companies with which it is associated. It is thus strictly forbidden to publish
unauthorised hyperlinks (framing or deep links) towards the Website or to use unauthorised meta-tags.

4. Content

Access, use and browsing of the Website is intended for personal use only and must not be connected to commercial,
entrepreneurial and professional activities. Use of the Website and browsing the latter are activities undertaken by you,
and as such, the operator can under no circumstances be held liable in the event of any incorrect use of the latter.
The operator of the Website can thus not be held responsible if any of your downloading activities cause damage to your
device or if your data is lost unless such damage and loss can be attributed to gross negligence or an intentional
shortcoming on behalf of the operator of the Website.

The operator of the Website can thus not be held responsible for damage provoked by inaccessibility of the services
on the Website, interruption of the service, cancellation of the content, problems linked to networks, Internet providers
or telephone and/or Internet links, unauthorised access, alteration of data, a breakdown and/or malfunctioning of your
electronic equipment.

It is your responsibility to protect and use your personal data correctly, including information enabling you to access
restricted services. You will also be responsible for any damage or prejudice suffered by the operator of the Website or
third parties due to incorrect usage, loss or theft of your data.

The operator of the Website has deployed all reasonable measures aiming to prevent the publication on the Website of any
content or images that may be detrimental to human rights and the dignity of a person, in any shape or form possible.
However, if you consider that this content constitutes an insult to your religion, morality or even dignity please let the operator
of the Website know by using the following address: The operator of the Website will nevertheless inform you,
should the case arise, that access to the content considered as insulting is a conscious act on your behalf and that you have
the sole responsibility for this.

The operator of the Website has also adopted all necessary precautions to make certain that all the information present on the Website
is correct, complete and up to date. The operator of the Website nevertheless rejects any responsibility with regard to the exactitude
and exhaustiveness of the content published on the Website, unless specified otherwise by the law. Should you find an error in the information
presented on the Website or should you notice that information is not up to date, please inform the operator of
the Website using the following address:

5. Applicable law and settling of disputes

The General terms of use herein are subject to Swiss law. The place of jurisdiction is Geneva (Switzerland).


The General terms of use herein may occasionally be updated or modified by the operator of the Website.
Any such modifications take effect as from the moment they are published on the Website. We thus recommend
that you examine this document on a regular basis.


1. What is a cookie ?

A cookie is a small text file generated by the server of the website you are consulting and which is stored
on the hard disk of your computer or mobile device. The cookie contains a unique code enabling recognition
of your browser during your browsing session or during future visits of the website. Cookies may be placed
by the server of the website you are visiting or by third parties with whom the website has established partnerships.
The server of a website may only read the cookies they have placed themselves; it has access to no other information stored on your computer or mobile device.

The contents of a cookie usually comprises the name of the server that has placed the cookie, an expiry date and a unique number code.

Information collected and stored on a cookie is deleted when it is no longer necessary for the purpose it is intended for.

Cookies ensure more efficient and quicker communication between visitors and the website (for example a cookie memorises the language chosen by the Internet user).
Indeed, they memorise your preferences and thus accelerate and facilitate your future visits of the website.

Furthermore, they optimise browsing between the various parts of the website. Cookies may also be used to render the contents of the website or advertising present
on the website more relevant to the visitor and adapt the website to personal tastes and needs of the visitor.

2. Your consent

The use of cookies requires your prior explicit consent. You can always come back later and refuse these cookies and/or delete
them at any time, by modifying your browser settings.

The message on the homepage enables you to give your consent to our cookie policy. By refusing this consent, you may still access
the public sections of the Website, but some functions will be limited or impossible as specified below.

Regardless of your choice, you may modify your choice by clicking on the “cookies” hyperlink positioned at
the bottom of every page of our Website.

Please also consult our “Personal data protection policy” which define how we handle any personal data we may gather.

3. Various types of cookies used

3.1. Cookies required for browsing

These cookies are required to enable browsing of our websites and the use of certain sections of the latter.
These cookies contain no personal data other than your IP address which is necessary for your browsing of the Internet.

They enable the following :

switching between the various sections of the Website and returning to previous pages

completing forms

secure verification of your identity before granting you access to your personal data when
a personal account has been created

The parameters of your browser enable you to manage these cookies but if you refuse cookies,
certain functionalities of the Website may not work properly, or even at all.

3.2. Functional cookies

These cookies facilitate and analyse the functioning of our websites and make them more
pleasant to use and more personalised.

They enable the following:

personalisation of services by memorising your preferences (language, currency, location, browsing data, etc.)

avoiding the necessity to repeat your choices every time you visit a website

collection of information contained in online forms

statistics (e.g. number of unique visitors)

analysis of website usage and the popularity of our pages

3.3. Third-party cookies

When you visit our Website, sociodemographic data as well as profile data is gathered and then
stored in an anonymous manner in a commercial cookie.

Commercial cookies are installed by advertisers when deploying their advertisements.
These third-party advertisers are informed about your visit on our website but the contract
agreed with them only enables them to treat the data in an anonymous manner.

They enable the following:

avoiding you being confronted on a repetitive basis with the same advertisements measurement of the efficiency of our various marketing policies, and personalisation of the advertising on our website.

Cookies are placed via our websites by third parties: Google, Gemius, Adhese and their partners.

They enable the following:

improvement of the content and functioning of the Website via usage of Google analytics

monitoring all our banners present on other websites and their optimisation using solutions such as
or (consult the of and private life protection policies)

3.4. “Social network” cookies

These cookies are activated by services made available on the social networks we have added to our website,
in order to give you the possibility of sharing our content with your network and friends. They give us the possibility
of following your browsing on other websites and establishing a profile of your interests. This may impact the content
and messages displayed on other websites you consult. If you do not accept this category of cookies, you will not
be able to use or even see these sharing solutions.

3.5. Monitoring pixels

Monitoring pixels enable platforms (usually social networks or webmail services: Facebook, Google, Twitter, etc.)
to qualify our website’s audience by placing it in perspective with their own information. These pixels give the platform
the possibility, if you are simultaneously connected to the latter, to follow your browsing of our Website and establish a
profile of your interests. This data is subject to the general terms of use of the platforms in question.
The data is anonymous and does not enable to identify you as a person. This then enables us to show you relevant content on
these platforms which corresponds to your areas of interests linked to your consumption habits on our websites.

4. Private life

When connecting to a website, other than the data contained in the cookies (cf. paragraph 3), some data is automatically
transferred to the website by the browsing software used by the Internet user. This data contains the TCP/IP address
(a number enabling identification of a computer on the network), browser brands and versions, as well as
the operating system and last webpage you consulted.

You can find more information about the treatment of your personal data in the private life declaration in
paragraph IV of the General terms of use of the website of the company Revenga Chemisiers Genevois Sarl.

5. Cookie management

Most Internet browsers are automatically configured to accept cookies. However, you may configure
your browser to accept or block cookies.

You may at any time delete cookies that have already been installed on your computer or mobile device.
Any settings you choose may modify your Internet browsing experience and access to certain services
that require the use of cookies.

However, we cannot guarantee access to all the services of our Website should you refuse cookies.

Refusing the cookies of the Website of the company Revenga Chemisiers Genevois Sarl does not mean
that you will not see any online advertising. It simply means that the services you will use on the
Website of the company Revenga Chemisiers Genevois Sarl will not be based on your supposed areas of
interest (linked to your browsing of the website Furthermore, you may still see
interest-based advertising from other companies if you have not refused their cookies.

In your browser settings, you have the possibility of refusing the installation of cookies.
The way in which cookies are activated or not and deleted depends on your device and Internet browser.

You may configure your browsing software in such a way that:

cookies are installed on your device or, on the other hand refused, either systematically or
based on who is generating the cookie.

acceptance or refusal of cookies is suggested to you before a cookie is installed on your device.

5.1. Cookie acceptation

The placing of a cookie on a device is subject to prior agreement by the user of the device,
which the latter may express and modify at any moment, free of charge, via choices made available
by their browsing software.

If you have accepted in your browsing software the installation of cookies on your device, the cookies
integrated within the pages and content you have consulted may be temporarily stored in a dedicated
location on your device. They may only be read by the party that generated the cookie.

5.2. Cookie refusal

If you refuse the installation of certain types of cookies on your device, or if you delete those that have
already been placed on it, you will no longer be able to use a certain number of functionalities which are
nevertheless necessary for browsing certain content of our website. This will be the case if you were to attempt
to access our content or services that require you to identify yourself. Such would also be the case when we -or
our service providers- could not recognise, for technical compatibility purposes, the type of browser used by
your device, its language and display settings or the country from which your device seems to be connected to the Internet.

In this case, we cannot be held liable for the consequences of malfunctioning of our services resulting from
the fact it is impossible for us to place or consult the cookies required for their functioning and that
you have refused or deleted.

Should you wish to refuse commercial keys (Google among others), you may do so using the following website:

5.3. How to implement your choices, based on the browser you use?

In order to manage cookies and all your choices, the configuration of each browser is different.
Your browser help menu will enable you to find out the way in which you can modify
your cookie preferences.

For Internet Explorer :

For Safari :

For Chrome :

For Firefox :

For Opera :

For other browsers: please use your browser’s help menu or consult the browser’s website.

5.4. Adobe Flash Player “Flash” Cookies

Some of the Website pages contain “Flash player” videos. For these to be displayed, cookies are required to memorise your settings and
preferences. Flash cookies are stored on your device but are not managed by your browser. Dedicated solutions are required
or the Adobe website can be used:

This Adobe website explains how flash cookies can be deactivated:

However, deactivating Flash cookies impedes certain functionalities, and in particular the playing of video content.

To delete Flash cookies, the configuration panel on the website must be used:

5.5. Do not track

You may also set your browser so that it sends a code instructing websites that you do not wish to be tracked (“Do Not Track” option).

For Internet Explorer :

For Safari :

For Chrome :

For Firefox :

For Opera :