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Discover Sartoria Dalcuore’s Made-to-Measure and Bespoke suits at Revenga Chemisiers Genevois. Passion, elegance and superlative craftsmanship embody the essence of this historical Neapolitan tailor founded in 1966.
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The Dalcuore jacket

A supple and elegant style

The Dalcuore made-to-measure suit jackets’ fine interlining and the elegant but generous cut confer a sensation of lightness and suppleness that contribute to enhance the silhouette. Generous lapels, high collar and the giro aperto shoulders are Sartoria Dalcuore’ distinctive style features that brilliantly harmonise comfort and assertive elegance without compromising the sobriety of this men's wardrobe classic.

Sartoria Dalcuore x Revenga Chemisiers Genevois - made-to-measure suits in Geneva | Costumes sur mesure à Genève

& construction

The harmonious proportions, the balanced fit and the drape’s fluidity of these suit
jackets are the result of Dalcuore’s unique house style.
The central darts are made straight until the bottom of the jacket with the purpose of fitting the cut.
The lateral incurved darts enhance the waist’s fitting while keeping the amplitude and the comfort at the chest height.
The minimal and light hand sewn canvas is skillfully thought to guarantee a fluid and comfortable drape.
A heavier canvas is used in the chest, lapels and collar in order to guarantee a perfect drape, and to obtain the typical neapolitan natural lapel roll.

Generous lapels & BALANCED COLLAR

Generous lapels

& balanced collar

The Sartoria Dalcuore made to measure jackets are identifiable by generous lapels with a natural roll and a collar that enhance the silhouette.

The lapels slightly extend over the middle of the shoulder line to visually accentuate the shoulders wideness.


The lapels’ interlining is stitched by hand in order to create a natural and elegant lapel roll.


The collar is positioned at an optimal height to visually lengthen the silhouette and enhance the morphology of each customer.

Sartoria Dalcuore x Revenga Chemisiers Genevois | Costume sur mesure à Genève | Revers et cran veste sur mesure | Costumes sur mesure à Genève | Revenga Chemisiers Genevois
Sartoria Dalcuore x Revenga Chemisiers Genevois - made to measure suit in Geneva - costumes sur mesure à Genève
Agile armhole

& distinctive shoulder

One of the key features of the Sartoria Dalcuore’s style remains in the cut of the armhole, the shoulder and the sleeve.
The high armhole provides unsuspected comfort and high agility without altering the lapels and shoulder drape.
The sleeve is spacious and offers therefore a fluid drape that embraces the sleeve head perfectly and highlights the arm.
The giro aperto shoulder is characterised by small shirrings produced by folding the shoulder sleeve head and the sleeve onto themselves in order to obtain volume agility, and a light natural structure.

House Style


The three-roll-two buttoning is one of Neapolitan school’s most distinctive style features while the height of the buttoning point contributes to balance the jacket’s proportions.

A three-roll-two jacket is characterised by a construction with three buttonholes among which two are active and one is hidden in the lapel.


The height of the active buttoning point is key to accentuate the waist and balance the fitting.

Bespoke suit in Geneva - Costume sur mesure à Genève | Tailor near me | Tailleur proche de chez moi

customisable elements:

Sartoria Dalcuore - tailor near me Geneva | tailleur proche de moi Genève

Fabric choice



Buttoning style

Lapel style

Height of the collar

Lapel width


Shoulder style




Trousers design


With or without suspenders buttons

Cuffed or uncuffed pants



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We are at your disposal for any questions or additional information concerning the Sartoria Dalcuore made-to-measure suits and invite you to book an appointment for a first measurement.  
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The history

of the Sartoria Dalcuore

At sixteen, Luigi Dalcuore left for Germany and travelled across Europe to train as a tailor.

When he returned to Naples at the age of eighteen, he began working at Del Duca, one of the most famous tailors in the city. In this remarkable establishment, he learns the principles that will become his trademark and that he has already transmitted to the next generation:

simplicity, ease, relevance, curiosity and the perpetual search for style, techniques and materials.

At twenty-six, having become a master tailor, Luigi Dalcuore opened his first personal business in Via Cervantes before settling in Via Duomo between 1970 and 1990.

From now on, Sartoria Dalcuore is installed in Via Caracciolo in the Chiaia district and employs about twenty craftsmen led by Cristina Dalcuore, daughter of the founder, and her husband Damiano Annunziato.

Cristina Dalcuore - neapolitan tailors

The bottom line about

Sartoria Dalcuore suit jackets

Ultimately, Sartoria Dalcuore's bespoke and made-to-measure suit jackets remarkably combine an elegant construction with the fluidity so characteristic of Neapolitan style. The giro aperto shoulder, the small armhole and the spacious sleeve head offer an unexpected supplement of comfort and movement. Finally, the generous lapels, and a collar generally higher than British or French tailors, have the particularity to slender the silhouette and to enhance the appearance of the Gentlemen owning the handmade creations of this historical tailor.

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